Produce Photos

Johannes Produce specializes in seasonal production of hot house European Seedless Cucumbers from May through December. Cucumbers have been grown by our family in California for the last 40 years, and in Holland for 10 years before that.

Our cucumbers are grown naturally in the soil and hydroponically which produces a better tasting product. Also, our cucumbers are a deep green color with thick skin which makes for a very sweet tasting cucumber. This thick skin also preserves the freshness with a long lasting shelf life.

Johannes Produce cucumbers are grown pesticide free and we only use preditorial insects to keep our product clean.

In the greenhouse to the left you see just the beginnings of a beautiful crop of tomatoes.

This is a beautiful yellow cucumber blossom from an adult crop.

These Vine Ripe Cluster Tomatoes are perfect in size and ready for harvest.
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